Beliefmapping Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Beliefmapping survey. The Beliefmapping survey is an amazing way to think and talk about what people believe – the ideas and views that they carry under the surface. This helps people to see the presuppositions, the assumptions, and the underlying beliefs that they bring to the way that they see the world, the way that they hear the gospel, the way that they respond to questions about purpose, happiness and truth.

The Beliefmapping survey is a free to use one2one questionnaire that a Christian believer offers to anyone. There is a paper survey, an online system the Idea Compute Engine (ICE) to analyse the results and a response page which provides information about the person’s individual Beliefmap. Access to the survey and the ICE is only available in person through these registered surveyors.

The survey has been deployed in over 100 locations including Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, North America, Peru, Spain, Macedonia, Romania, Nigeria, Lebanon, Canada, Singapore and Greece. It is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and in English for African contexts.

The Beliefmapping Survey is delivered through a local Christian churches, Christian individuals or small groups. If you would like to get yourself, your church, or Christian Union/Fellowship set up then please register.

We will then confirm your registration, and email you three things (1. the password for the resources area of this website 2. A password and username 3. the principles of use)


The email that you will recieve will contain a link to a video in the resources area is where you will find the surveys and videos which will help to get you started. You will find a 5 minute video that will explain everything you need to know to start using the survey.

As soon as we have confirmed your registration you will receive some login information (a unique username and password) which you can use to access the Idea Compute Engine online system.

Thanks for your interest in The Beliefmapping Survey